A new hobby

I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs lately and one thing that seems to appear frequently are beautiful sewing projects that people are making.  I am in love with the quilt and bag seen at bijou lovely and have checked out Presser Foot as well.  My only sewing experience comes from 6th grade Home Ec where we all made tote-bags.

I’ve checked out some sites for learning how to sew and which sewing machines to purchase.  Do I got with Mechanical or Electronic for my first sewing machine?

The Brother XL-2600i seems to be the most popular Mechanical sewing machine and the Brother CS6000I seems to be the most popular basic Electronic sewing machine

I don’t have a sewing machine yet, and that’s where my dilemma begins.  If I buy this, will I use it?  I did just join Stampin’ Up not less than a year ago and I have been stamping and have a lot of fun.  Not as frequently as I could be but you can only make cards for so many people right.  That’s my fear with sewing.  Will I run out of things to make/people to make things for?  I love the idea of being able to make beautiful quilts and bags,




all of which I know will take me some serious time to learn and become decent at.  I certainly wouldn’t take on a project this large for my first one either.  The Mr. is in support of it if I want to get a sewing machine, so that’s not a problem.

So do I take the plunge?  If so, Mechanical or Electronic for my first machine?  What should I take on for a first project?  Any recommendations to a newbie?

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3 Responses to A new hobby

  1. holly p says:

    I would recommend sewing something with straight lines for awhile (tote bags, pillows, etc to get the hang of sewing again, and then moving on to more challenging projects! There’s a great section of the Ruffles and Stuff blog for starting out that might be helpful.

  2. josafe says:

    how about trying those old singer featherweight, have a look at it and you can decide

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