Come on Spring!

Last weekend was a bit of a tease.  Saturday we reached the low 60’s and Sunday we were in the mid-60’s.  It was fantastic and I certainly took advantage of it, by taking Maya (the doggie) for a walk.  A tease is all it was though, the rest of the week was a mix of upper-40’s to maybe 50.

I am so looking forward to spring.  I never thought that living in the ‘south’, I would be so cold.  This year has been unseasonably cold for NC!   Hailing from Upstate NY (like way up there, think Canada) and going to college in western NY, you’d think I’d be used to the cold weather.  After living down here for 3yrs, my tolerance to the cold is zero!  Going home during the winter is torture, I’m bundled up in sweaters and jackets all the time.  I’m so glad we moved here, it’s 2hrs to the beach or 2hrs to the mountains and 2 months of winter a perfect combination.

I want to see days like this in my very near future:Duke Gardens

I wanna pack up the car and head to the beach, enough of this cold!

(all photos by me)

Come on spring I know you can do it!  Ok, well if it’s too early, maybe more sunshine for the next few weeks.  Please?!?!

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