My own “My Boys”


I went out to the bar (our version of Crowley’s) last week for dinner and a drink and there were 7 of us, 6 “boys” and me. I feel like I’m living in my own Raleigh version of “My Boys“.

Left to Right:  Mike, Kenny, Bobby, PJ, Andy, Brendan (Source)

It made me think, I have my own version of everyone.  Some are quite similar to the characters on tv too!

  • Bobby (actually he was dating P.J. last season) – The hubs – loves baseball and has the “nice guys finish first” attitude (no hubs didn’t call off a wedding prior to ours)
  • BrendanBrendan – no really, my friend’s name is Brendan, dating or in a relationship – maybe, depends on the week, care free and always has interesting ventures to pursue
  • AndyBryan – not my real brother – or married, but he’s very much like him in with a ‘stuck in the middle’ mentality, as the oldest he can’t decide to be the responsible adult or go out for a pitcher of beer
  • MikeJason – a toss up really,  he’s the perpetually single guy, who could be a hit with the ladies,  he would be a great catch
  • Kenny & Stephanie –  Matt & Fav Roommate – They had an encounter and started seeing one another behind everyone’s back (only I knew).  My friends are now getting married this fall, I’m waiting to hear about Kenny & Stephanie.  (They weren’t out this Thursday evening in particular)

(I think TBS needs to update their character descriptions a little.)

There are still 2-3 more guys that hang out as well on a regular basis.  One just got engaged so that brings another girl into the mix, but she doesn’t always come.  On a normal dinner outing, there are 5-6 boys and myself.  If we all went out we might be a little bit more balanced, but that only happens on rare occasions.

Here we are at the beach-house we rented in 2008, plus 2 extras.  (Big guy in the back moved to SLC and one girl (far right, floor) no longer hangs out with us)

Minus the couple on the far left, here’s my own “My Boys” cast at our wedding last year (May 2009). (Taken By)

Sometimes I think I need to find some more girl friends or that these boys need to find some girls on the dating scene, but there are other times when it doesn’t bother me that much.  Like PJ, I work in a male-dominated field and it can have it’s pluses and minuses.  I usually take my share of the jokes, but have also been known to dish out a few without missing a beat.

Luckily we have a few other couple friends (the ones in the far left in the above photo) that we hang out with on other occasions, otherwise I might not be able to handle all the testosterone.  I would love a good girls night or couples night but I know that will come in time as we all grow up and make new friends.  Plus, I would only trade 1 or 2 of them in for a girl or another couple (kidding, kidding!).

Looks like “My Boys” is returning this fall, until then, I like my own version.  🙂

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