Recipe Round-Up


I like to think I can cook fairly well (though I’m better at baking than cooking I think).  Most of what I’ve learned and cooked in my repertoire is from my mom.  She’s passed some great recipes on to me and I have some from my grandmother as well.  The only thing is, my family tends to eat fairly “simply”.  Chicken was a staple at my house when I was a kid and because of that, we don’t eat chicken as often at our house.  We try to spread it out and venture into new areas as often as possible.

My hubs is a good sport and tries everything I make.  He also likes to look for recipes and he’ll even suggest them sometimes.  Once it’s been tried at our house, and liked, it get’s moved to the “approved” list.


I use one of the Recipe Organizers from the Hallmark store (the binder type) thanks to my MIL last Christmas.  It works great for me and allows for plenty of expansion opportunities.

I’ve decided to add a page to the blog, that is a round up of all the recipes I have gathered from around the internet that I would like to try or have tried and loved them, etc.  You can check out this page for the listing so far.  I’ll try to update it frequently.  If you have any suggestions for sites to visit for recipes or cookbooks to buy, let me know, I’m always interested in new suggestions.  If you’ve tried any of them and liked them, let me know as well.  When I try a few of the other recipes, I’ll try to post pictures as well.

Also,  For those that visit the blog directly, sorry for all the changes, I’m trying to find a layout and background that I like.  I’ll get there eventually!

Happy Cooking!

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