Weekend Recap & Random Info

It was a pretty good weekend even though I had to call in to work periodically.  I didn’t take any pictures, I need to get better at doing that.


Hubs and I went out for sushi and it was delicious.  I don’t think that we’ve ever been out for sushi just the 2 of us but it was nice.  We got to get rolls that we both liked and finished them all!  After that we spent the evening home together and just caught up on some TV shows.  It was nice to just spend a quiet evening together just the 2 of us.


We spent most of the day cleaning the house, working outside and doing little things (I had to call in to a conference call for work).  We made some chili in the crock-pot, for probably the last time this year. 😦  For dessert I made Rocky Road brownies and they were pretty good.  I made some modifications – doubled it, used 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 white sugar for “cake-like” brownies, pecans instead of almonds and 1/2 of the chocolate chips were butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, yum!  We’ll be adding these to the keepers list.


We had some beautiful weather on Sunday and I went for a 5 mi walk on one of the trails around a local lake and it was beautiful out!  After the hubs got out of work we had softball practice.  Hubs has never played before and he did great.  I’m so happy he’ll be playing on our team this season.

We had some birthday dinners to celebrate so we went to Brasa the Brazilian Steakhouse.  If you’ve never eaten at a Brazilian Steakhouse, it’s an experience.  You’re meat comes out on swords (anywhere from 10-12 different kinds/cuts) and you have a little stone (or coaster-like object) in front of you that is green on one side and red on the other.  If you want them to stop by you when they bring out new meats, then you have the green side up and if you don’t then you put the red side up.  I would recommend not eating much for the day before you go!  There is also a cold/hot bar that goes along with your meats.  I enjoyed some of the cuts of meat better than others, but definitely ate too much.  The pineapple with cinnamon is my absolute favorite!  It was a bit pricier than we had all remembered but we were celebrating 2 birthdays so, I guess it equaled going out 2 different times.


Random Info

  • A new Stampin’ Up order is coming in today, hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time making some cards and card sets for gifts for people.  New supplies always make me excited!
  • I finished my first 4 times through the first circuit of the 30 Day Shred and will be starting the second work out this week.
  • I really really want spring to come and quickly!  The weather was a tease!
  • We might be going skiing again in a few weeks!  We had so much fun at Snowshoe Mountain over Valentine’s Day weekend.
  • We got a Save-The-Date in the mail for a destination wedding next March!  I’m really pushing hard to go, it’s just so far in advance to plan already, who knows what we’ll be doing 1 year from now.
  • I finished “The Last Song” last night.  I liked it, I didn’t cry as much as I normally would because I had been reading it in small chunks.  It wasn’t my favorite Nicholas Sparks book but I’m glad I finished it before the movie comes out.
  • I’m swapping my books for March and April because someone is going to give me “The Help” instead of me going out and buying it.
  • I added a picture to my sidebar listing what I’m reading now and I what I just finished reading.
  • Hubs is out of town this weekend again, but that makes for a fun meal planning week (I’ll explain more in my next post)
  • We watched the Academy Awards last night briefly.  I don’t usually watch them, but I enjoyed what I saw last night.
    • I thought Sandra Bullock looked fantastic (and I loved “The Blind Side”)


    • I didn’t recognize Cameron Diaz at first, but I thought she looked great as well


    • There are many others that I liked and disliked, but those are my favorites so far!  I have pretty simple fashion tastes so there were quite a few popular ones that weren’t my favorites.

Have a great day!

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