Weekly Menu – 3/8


We’ve decided to post a weekly menu on the Google Calendar and make sure that we get the supplies to make the meals when we go to the grocery store and that we stick to our eating at home better.  I love that Google Calendar allows you to create separate calendars (in this case we created a Dinner calendar) and share it with someone else, so hubs can have input as well.  We tend to plan 1 or 2 meals and then when I get to the grocery store the rest is just random stuff I pick-up that we can put together quickly.  We’re hoping that this way we’ll try out more meals and if we like them, we’ll plan them again in a few weeks.  Here’s what it looks like for this week:

Dinner Menu(Click to enlarge)

  • Monday – Dinner at a Friend’s House – I had something planned, but we were invited over last minute, so I moved things around.
  • Tuesday Chicken Enchiladas
  • Wednesday Pasta alla Marlboro Man – Hubs is really, really looking forward to this.
  • Thursday Chicken Curry – He’s also looking forward to this one, me, not so much, I don’t like coconut and curry is not in my top favorite things either.
  • Friday – Portobello Quesadillas – Since hubs is out of town this weekend this is a guilty pleasure for me.  I observe no meat on Friday’s during lent and he doesn’t like mushrooms.  I am beyond excited for this meal! (Kinda lame, I know)
  • Saturday – Lasagna – He also doesn’t like Ricotta cheese, so another of my favorites that I rarely get to make is lasagna (or stuffed shells).  I thought I’d make some lasagna this weekend for myself (and a few friends that will be around) and enjoy it (and the leftovers next week) when I can.
  • Sunday Perfect Pot Roast – This just looks too good to pass up.

I’ll try to post this each week.  If you have other suggestions/recommendations, let me know, we’re always looking for some new ideas.

Grocery List Keeper:

We both have iPhones, so we’ve been looking for a way to share lists for the grocery store, etc.  This would be really helpful because he’s not that great at remembering everything I said we needed beforehand.  So far we’ve been using the Grocery G Lite App.  There’s a regular version you can pay for we’re just trying to determine if it’s worth it.  Yesterday a friend recommended Grocery iQ.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

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