Wardrobe Woes

I’ll admit it, I have a fairly ‘plain’ wardrobe.  I don’t usually get into the latest and greatest things out there.  Most pieces I own are neutral and solid colors, and not the ‘it’ style for the season.  Now that my sister is living with us, she likes to put in her 2 cents about my outfit for the day.  She wants me to start wearing more ‘stylish’ clothes (you mean that sweater from 2005 isn’t the ‘it’ style right now?).  I think I’ve been doing better.  I tend to by something in multiple colors when I find something I like (the Gap outlet is too close for my bank account’s comfort!).  Lately I’ve been gravitating towards wearing more cardigans.  I wish I could show you the pictures of the sweaters I just bought (3 of one style in different colors and 2 of a different style in different colors).  Work is cold in the summer, so cardigans are a great option, but I need something other than a white tank to go underneath.

There are a few things I’m trying to get over:  patterns, and shoes with a heel.

  • I think I have a fear of patterns/appliques, I am afraid they’re too bright or bold or loud or something, I don’t know.  I’d really like to find some patterns that I like to go underneath these cardigans.  I also tend to like tops that go down mid-hip, thanks to watching What Not to Wear I think that is the style that looks best on me, so sometimes this limits my options.
  • Let me start this by saying, I love shoes!  But, I have a fear of wearing any type of shoe with a heel (so basically I just wear flats and flip flops).  Part of it is that I usually only wear shoes with heels to work because hubs and I are the same height and I prefer not to tower over him (I know some ppl don’t mind this, I’m just not a fan).  The other part, I think I look a little silly sometimes.

I’ve been searching the internet and found a few things I’d like to add to my wardrobe this summer (or have already).  Here’s what’s in my shopping bag (hopefully) for when that tax refund arrives!


Land’s End Canvas


Old Navy

I tend to shy away from the embellishments like on the top of this one.






The Limited

I actually bought this a few weeks ago but wanted to share.  There are flowers on one side, it’s one of those shirts I wish came in multiple colors so I could have them all!


J. Crew

I know they’re only kitten heels, but I think they still fit the bill and they’re not flats.

I also really want to find summer sandals that are strappy but not around the ankle.  If someone could find me a pair like these ones that Jillian wore on the Bachelorette, I’d be forever grateful.  I wear flip flops 90% of the time in the summer and would love a pair of sandals (that don’t slide on).

I have some other ‘wardrobe woes’ that I’ll share in the future.  Any suggestions for tops, shoes or sandals?

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3 Responses to Wardrobe Woes

  1. I like all the tops you have chosen, even though I don’t usually like patterns. But I have to admit that if I tried on the Nordstom one I would probably get frightened and give it a miss.
    For every day sandals – can you get Clarks where you live? They usually do some flat sandals that are vaguely stylish and as comfortable as flip flops, but look a bit more dressy.

  2. hey girl- glad I stopped by your blog email me your addy, ill email you a gap inc friends and family.. so you can use it for that old navy top.. be sure to check out posessionista from my blog roll. she may be able to help with Jillans shoes

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