It’s Madness

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It’s the time of year again for March Madness, and to be honest I LOVE IT!!  Confession:  I’m not too much of a ‘girly girl’ and most of that probably has to do with sports.  Maybe it’s because my dad didn’t have any boys, ever since I was little, I can remember watching any and all sports with my dad.  College basketball is one of my favorite sports (league) to watch, with the NCAA tournament taking the cake.  (Yankees baseball and NHL Football are right up there too)  I played sports throughout my entire high school career and continue to play softball now.  This is one thing that K and I enjoy doing together (for the most part, depends on who is playing, but that’s for a different post 🙂 ).

Where we live there are usually at least 3 if not 4 schools in the NCAA tournament that are within an hour of our home.  You cannot go out to a restaurant/bar that has TV’s on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for the next 3 weeks without preparing in advance or waiting multiple hours for a table.  The waiting sucks, but secretly I love the enthusiasm of everyone.  There are so many transplants in this area, combine that with the local schools and it’s an interesting bunch.  I’m jealous of everyone and their school spirit.  My college was not competitive in sports at all, though we’re moving up in hockey.

Every year I make my picks in the brackets.  What is this based off of?  Umm, nothing.  Most of the time I pick hometown schools or other NY based school.  What do I win?  Again, nothing.  Why do I do it?  To see if I am right in any way whatsoever.  This year I tried my hand at it again.  The #1 rule this year (and most others):  Go Orangemen!


I love that CBS let’s you fill in an experts picks and make some adjustments on your own, so that’s what I did this year.  (Maybe you think it’s cheating, I don’t)  Here’s my bracket:

I will be trying my hardest for the next 3 weeks to be doing work while at work, but it’s going to be hard, I’m not going to lie.  This article on CNN was interesting, regarding the amount of money that Employers lose during March Madness.  I will work hard to not be part of those statistics! (At least my iPhone app will give me score alerts 😉 )

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  1. There’s an iPhone app that lets you stream the actual broadcast and watch any of the games you choose – it’s pretty awesome! We had the iPhone, TV, and computer all going last night at the same time 🙂

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