Proud to be a RIT Alumni!


Going to a technology school we didn’t have much for sports teams.  I’m sitting here writing this post wearing a shirt that looks just like this:


That’s right we haven’t had a football team since 1976, so we’re still undefeated!  🙂

The year that we graduated our hockey team moved up to Division 1.  We’ve been Division 1 for 4-5 years (with 2 transition years in there I think).  This year they made it to the NCAA hockey tournament as the 15th overall seed (out of 16).  It might sound weird to people who went to big sports schools that this is such a big deal, but it’s huge for us!  Thursday they played and beat the #2 seed Denver, which was great given it was the first year in the tournament for us.

Saturday RIT was playing UNH and about 6 of us alumni (and a few other friends), piled into a local bar and begged them to change the channel from the NCAA basketball games to the hockey game on at least 1 TV.  They agreed and it was so much fun to cheer for one of ‘my teams’.  The T.V.s on the left and right were on the game and the one right above our heads was on the Basketball game.

Proud alumni (Personal Photo)

It was a great experience to see your Alma Mater do something they’ve never done before!  Not only did the make it to the tournament and win in the first round, but the second as well, beating UNH 6-2 and moved on to the Frozen Four.

Thursday we’ll probably all head back out to the same bar, grab our sunglasses so we can sit on the porch and enjoy the nice weather, and watch again as they try to win for a third time!

Personal Photo


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