Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I’ve been having a tough time getting up at 5:40 to go to the gym in the morning over the last 2 weeks.  I wish I could get my motivation back.  I am starting 10K training next week and I really want to succeed, I need all the motivation I can find.
  2. I got my wedding album in the mail last week from Blurb.  I was a little disappointed because everything was rather dark, and I can’t decide if it was the pictures or the printing.  I was a little disappointed with the pictures to begin with, so I’m thinking it’s them.  I’ve decided to try to lighten the pictures up and make a new one.  I just hope I finish before our 1st Anniversary!
  3. I drink about 1-2 Diet Cokes a day and am making a conscious effort to cut back and it’s torture some days!  I made it 2 days without any and had a small one last night.  Hopefully I can keep it up!
  4. Last weekend we painted the Living Room and Family Room and I’d really like to share it with you but we don’t have furniture yet.  2 more weeks!
  5. KC and I are planning a trip to NYC for June 18th-21st, so far we planning on going to the Today Show, a NYY vs. NYM game, and a Broadway show.  Any restaurants you would suggest we visit while there?
  6. I’ve been reading Twenties Girl, but I’m losing interest.  Any suggestions on another book to read, next on my list was the new Emily Griffin book and that’s not coming out until May.  What did you think of My Sister’s Keeper?
  7. I still want a sewing machine, I think I’ll ask for it for my Birthday.
  8. KC’s parents anniversary is next week and I feel like we should get them something.  He never does, though and I always get my parents something.  I was thinking maybe a flower arrangement or something.
  9. Our first wedding anniversary is coming up in a month and I need some ideas for an anniversary gift.  I feel like I’ve used all my ‘Paper’ ideas already!
  10. Sometimes I wish I could make new friends easier.  There are so many boys in my life and more girls or couples would be a relief some days.  I’m too shy to come right out and meet people, but once I get to know you sometimes I don’t shut up!  🙂

And because I don’t like to post without a picture, here’s Miss Maya.  I was working from home the other day and she joined me in the office looking out the window and giving me her typical head tilt.

If you’re ever bored, you can ask me anything on Formspring or leave a comment.

Have a great Thursday!

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