It’s Monday already?!?!

It was a great weekend. It felt like we got to do everything we could have wanted to. Sunday was a rather uneventful day with grocery shopping and cleaning the house, but Friday and Saturday we kept busy.

Friday night started off with dinner at a Sushi restaurant that another couple wanted to visit. We don’t hang out with just them often so it was nice to just sit and visit. I’ve never been much of a sushi snob, but this place was definitely not at the top of my list of sushi restaurants to visit again. The other couple said the same thing and said that it was better the last time that they went.


While there we were talking about TV and movies, etc and they recommended Netflix. We had been talking about it for some time and they finally convinced us to give it a try. I started our account last night.

Following dinner we headed to the bowling alley.  Let’s just say that my bowling skills are weak to say the least. The first game left much to be desired but I picked it up for the second game.

At the start of the second game the cosmic bowling began. I’m glad we weren’t staying much longer, it was really hard to see the ball go down the alley until it got to the pins.  At least I got to wear clown shoes!

Saturday morning started off early with a 5K charity run.  I turned in a time of about 27:30. While it’s not the best time, I’m happy that I finished and under my goal of 28 minutes. Week 1 of 10K training has been completed successfully. On to week 2!

Saturday night we went downtown to Beerfest.  There were many (many) beer vendors and you could try as many 2oz samples of whatever you wanted.

There were two ‘lines’ of endless tents, jam-packed with people.

We tried many different kinds of beer.

Had lots of fun with friends.

Made lots of jokes and laughed the whole night (KC probably said something entirely inappropriate).

Saw some interesting people.

Went home with dirty ‘beer’ feet (apparently I like taking pictures of feet this weekend!).

And enjoyed every last minute of the night.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

*All pictures from personal collection.

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