Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our first wedding anniversary is quickly approaching (middle of next month).  We are planning a trip (still undecided as to where – yeah, we need to get on that) but I would also like to get KC a gift as well.  I think it would be cool if we could stick to the ‘lists’ of what to get for each anniversary.  I was doing some web-browsing and found out that there are 2 different lists for Anniversary Gifts.

There is the Traditional List and the Contemporary List (found here):

1 Paper Clocks
2 Cotton (Calico) China
3 Leather Crystal, Glass
4 Linen (Silk) Appliances
5 Wood Silverware
6 Iron Wood objects
7 Wool (Copper) Desk sets
8 Bronze Linens, Lace
9 Pottery (China) Leather goods
10 Tin, Aluminum Diamond
11 Steel Fashion jewelry
12 Silk, Agate Pearls, Colored gems
13 Lace, Moonstone Textiles, Furs
14 Ivory, Moss Agate Gold jewelry
15 Rock-crystal/glass Watches
16 Topaz Silver holloware
17 Amethyst Furniture
18 Garnet Porcelain
19 Hyacinth Bronze
20 China Platinum
21 Brass, Nickel
22 Copper
23 Sapphire Silver plate
24 Musical instruments
25 Silver Sterling silver
26 Star Sapphire (blue) Original pictures
27 Sculpture
28 Orchids
29 New furniture
30 Pearl Diamond
31 Timepieces
32 Conveyances (e.g., automobiles)
33 Amethyst
34 Opal
35 Coral
36 Bone china
37 Alabaster
38 Beryl, Tourmaline
39 Cat’s-eye Lace
40 Ruby Ruby
41 Land
42 Improved real estate
43 Travel
44 Groceries
45 Alexandrite Sapphire
46 Original poetry tribute
47 Books
48 Optical goods (e.g., telescope, microscope)
49 Luxuries, any kind
50 Gold Gold
52 Star Ruby
55 Emerald Emerald
60 Diamond, yellow Diamond
65 Star Sapphire, Gray
67 Star sapphire, purple
75 Diamond, diamond-like stones, gold
80 Diamond, Pearl
85 Diamond, Sapphire
90 Diamond, Emerald
95 Diamond, Ruby
100 10-carat Diamond

So I can choose from Paper or Clock if I stick with the ‘lists’.

  • For clock I was thinking Watch (because I’d like a new watch too 🙂 ) and then realized that Watch is actually listed for 15yrs.  Hmm, so I guess that means I can’t do watch.  I could get him a clock, but we don’t have many clocks around the house and I don’t know where I would put a clock.
  • Ok, so paper.  I’ve done my share of picture books and photo albums so that’s not going to work.  I’ve done tickets to sporting events before as well (and with his wacky summer Ultimate schedule, who knows where we will be on what weekend).  I love the idea of the architectural letter pictures of last names as seen on a few etsy shops.  I purchased a few prints from one of these shops for a wedding gift this past year and they looked great (I think it might be more for me than for him though)!

What did you get your SO for a first wedding anniversary gift? Did you stick to the traditional or contemporary list or just get something you thought he/she would like?  Any suggestions for me?

P.S. A 10-carat Diamond after 100yrs?!?!  I wonder if anyone has ever been married for 100yrs.

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1 Response to Anniversary Gift Ideas

  1. Nikki says:

    No clue!!! I couldn’t come up with anything for our first wedding anniversary having to do with clocks or paper. We are approaching our second anniversary next Monday and I couldn’t tell you what I’m going to do with cotton!! Good luck!! Let us know what you decide!

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