Love Sweet Love – We get ready!

The girls all met up at the hair salon in the morning for our appointments.  We had mimosa and bagels and enjoyed ourselves.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the salon.

My things were ready to go and everyone was getting ready.

Finally after somethings were worked out, we were running behind a little, but it was my turn to get ready.

In the midst of everything, I’m not sure what happened to me but I had a little trouble staying standing.  I sat for a few minutes with my mom and girls and calmed down.  (Ok, so maybe I fell in BM Marcy’s arms and don’t remember)

Before long, we were all ready to go, shades and all!  And we headed out to the limo.

Unfortunately, the rain wanted to put a damper on our day, but we were going to let that stop us.  If you recall, we’re notorious for getting rained on.

Rain or shine, I was getting married!

Meanwhile, the boys were getting ready at their hotel and had their own fun (and shades) as well!

Photo by Cheryl Seymour

KC had on his Boston Red Sox Cufflinks that I got him as a surprise wedding gift.

Photo by Cheryl Seymour

The rain wasn’t stopping them either.

Photo by Cheryl Seymour

They had some fun as well.

Photo by Cheryl Seymour

Photo by Cheryl Seymour

Our guests were there waiting for us and we were ready to go!

All photos Wainwrights Photography unless noted.


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