Recipe Round-Up

I visit a lot of different places for recipes.  Some I see in my Google Reader, get starred and then get lost, others get sent in a chain of emails, the eventually get lost in my Inbox.  I transfer as many as possible to my cookbook at home, but not until they’re made and approved by the hubs!  🙂  I use one of the Recipe Organizers from the Hallmark store thanks to my MIL.  I think it is great and allows for plenty of expansion.

I’ll try to post them here, (the links) and keep them in a list of “Tried ’em & Loved ’em” and “Starred ’em”.  I have tried more recipes, I just don’t have the links right now, but if I come across them I will post them as well.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or liked any of them.

Tried ’em & Loved ’em:

Starred ’em:

Sorry if you have to create an account at Pillsbury.

*None of these are original recipes by me, all credit goes to the poster whom I’ve linked to and if they’ve linked from somewhere else, I’ll try to post the original link as well.

Updated 4/1/10


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